Monday, March 19, 2018

Launch: Desert Sound at IAPEX 18

Last month, Desert Sound was spotted for the first time in Lahore, Pakistan and was appreciated by the people visiting their stall at IAPEX 18, the reason they expanded and brought their product range to Karachi for display, and here too they were highly appreciated due to their range in high-tech and high-end audio-video and smart home solutions. 

An emerging brand in the field of specially crafted home theaters/media rooms and audiophile nirvana in Pakistan. Their passion is to provide some of the best AV and smart home solutions available at very affordable prices. With the advent of technology, there are an infinite number of gadgets available for enthusiasts to make the most of their music and motion pictures. These devices offer features so advanced that they would have seemed unbelievable a few years ago! Having so many options to select from can be an overwhelming experience. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Caltex Pakistan: #TumhariMehnat

Celebrating Winter Bliss With Those Who Deserve It!

Winter is the season to rejoice for some, but it is also the time to struggle for many. When we sit in the comfort of our homes waiting for the food we ordered, a hardworking guy out there is riding on his 2 wheeler through the chilly wind to make sure that our food is served hot.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pakistan Cables: #ReelOnHai

So this time i came across this creative idea by Pakistan Cables named as "Reel On Hai" project where all the creative individuals, artists, designers and architectures were called out to take part in transforming the empty cable reels provided by Pakistan Cables, the main activity partner, into pieces of art. Interesting, right!? 

Pakistan Cables and Karachi Biennale Trust signed an MoU earlier in July 2016 to collaborate on a public outreach project, Reel on Hai. Currently, these reels have been installed in over 35 locations across schools, parks, hospitals and universities all over Karachi where artists have worked on site to engage the local community. Each unique work engages the community with activities designed around the work to sensitize them to art and the role it can play in projecting the dynamism of a society. 
Moreover, contributions of 57 artists installed at over 20 public spaces in Karachi are featured in the coffee table book compiled by Pakistan Cables to mark completion of project Reel on Hai. 

For now, the  cable reels provided have been placed at public spaces like:
  • Hill park 
  • Zamzama Park
  • Jinnah Hospital
  • Beach Luxury Hotel
  • Moin Khan Academy
  • KMC Sports Complex
  • The National Museum
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • Karachi Zoo & Karachi Central Jail
  • Institute of Business Administration
  • Alliance Francaise Greenwich University and more. 

A free e-book version of "A Reel on Karachi" is available at the company’s official website: and to know more, check: #ReelOnHai

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Do you take care of your Heart? #ProjectDKL

Project Dil kay Liye or in short #ProjectDKL is an initiative taken by Tabba Heart Institute to create awareness on heart healthcare this World Heart Day. As a part of the project, Tabba Heart Institute conducted an activity at LuckyOne Mall from 22nd to 24th September 2017. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

BOLD: Smell of Freedom

Since the launch Bold fragrances have gathered way too many consumers and attention. This all is due to their promise to provide spray with more fragrance and no gas or we can say "Gas Free Body Spray". Not just that, they are the pioneers in Pakistan to launch the spray with no gas. Their spray has a high percentage of fragrance compared to competitors which attracts the consumers to give it a try.