Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Android 2.0 officially coming to T-Mobile G1?

We don't know where this is coming from so take it with a grain of salt, but rumor has it from AndroidSPIN that the progenitor Android device, the T-Mobile G1, is destined to officially get an over-the-air update for an Eclair build, Android 2-point-something. Hey T-Mo, we know the holidays are pretty much over, but could you validate these whispers for us? Thanks!

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HD channel expansion roundup...

Once upon a time, a smattering of new HD channels in one major metropolitan area was a huge deal. Nowadays, it's almost expected that one area or another will experience some HD expansion each week. In order to keep things nice and tidy around here, we deliver high-def expansions, market expansions and anything else dealing with HD channel growth right here. If we missed an area that you're familiar with, drop us a line in comments so everyone can catch up. The more the merrier, we say!
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Panasonic opens the doors on its biggest plasma plant yet...

Despite worries / FUD from some corners that plasma HDTVs may be going away, Panasonic's latest giant investment in the technology should keep its high quality televisions coming our way for quite some time. Just a few days ago it opened its biggest plant ever in Amagasaki, which should eventually contribute to a total production capacity of over one million screens per month. Check out the pics and a video on AV Watch of robotic arms pulling 150-inch glass panels into place -- those of us hosting events on a smaller scale than the Winter Olympics are more likely to see these cut into 42-, 46- or 50-inch varieties -- before they become the 3D or even 4K televisions of the future. Still a die hard LCD fan? At least be warmed by the news of increased efficiency and reduced emissions, lower prices and cleaner air are something we can all appreciate.


DirecTV 3D broadcasts coming in early 2010?

Finding itself with a wealth of a additional bandwidth thanks to a new satellite going up today, DirecTV may have already decided its first big addition will be 3D. Citing the always popular unnamed sources, HD Guru says we should prepare for a CES announcement that the bird will be up and running by March beaming down a collection of movies, sports and TV shows in 3D HD, requiring only a firmware upgrade on existing set-top boxes to tune into the new stations. UK satellite provider Sky has already tipped its hand about 2010 3D plans, with a newly freshened HDMI spec expected to ease things along and nearly every manufacturer either already producing compatible displays or planning to announce them in less than a week there's very little doubt remaining about whether broadcast 3D is coming home this year, only how and when.

Ford becomes first automaker to offer HD Radio with iTunes tagging...

If you thought the automakers would be leaving CES to the TV and PMP makers, Ford would like to have a word with you . A few words, actually. Aside from announcing that in-car WiFi will be available next year, the iconic blue oval is today calling itself the first car manufacturer to offer factory-installed HD Radio with iTunes tagging capabilities. Slated to become available on select 2011 Ford models sometime next year, the implementation will enable listeners of HD Radio to "tag" songs they like via a single button press; from there, the song information will be logged within the radio's memory, and up to 100 tags on Sync can be stored until an iPod is connected to suck them down. Once that data hits the iPod, users can then preview or purchase them conveniently through iTunes. There's no word yet on pricing (we're being forced to wait until CES), but we're guessing it'll demand quite the premium.

PosiMotion announces Helix gaming grip for iPhone / iPod touch...

Still not satisfied with any of the with iPhone and iPod touch steering wheel or game controller accessories available these days? Then perhaps PosiMotion's recently announced Helix gaming grip will be more to your liking -- it does promise to be ideal for "virtually any game," after all. To that end, the Helix is able to accommodate your iPhone or iPod touch in either portrait or landscape mode, and it boasts a "grip-enhancing" soft-touch coating to keep it from slipping from your hands during particularly intense gaming sessions. Still no firm word on a release date just yet, but PosiMotion will gladly take your $20 now and deliver one to you sometime in the Spring.

Ten Years Of BlackBerry...

The year is 1999. Bill Clinton is the President of the United States, gas is 94 cents a gallon, Bondi Blue iMacs are a staple in dorm rooms across the country, and Microsoft is trying to bring the desktop Windows experience to the pocket, pushing its Palm-size PC concept (after Palm had quashed the original "Palm PC" branding) on a world still feeling jilted by the failures of the Apple Newton. 3Com subsidiary Palm and its heavyweight licensee Handspring have figured out something interesting about the still-nascent PDA market, though: people like simplicity. If an electronic organizer does what it says it's going to do, keeps your information in sync with your PC, runs for forever and a day on a single set of batteries, and does it all with a minimum of fuss, people will buy. It's an exciting, challenging, and rapidly-changing era in the mobile business.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sony Ericsson starts taking submissions for Android version of PlayNow

Manufacturers and carriers are showing commendable restraint in avoiding totally bastardized, walled-garden versions of Android on their handsets (for the most part), but they're not avoiding it altogether -- take Sony Ericsson here, for instance. The company has announced that it's expanding the reach of its PlayNow app store to cover Android in concert with its launch of the X10, which presumably means that users will be juggling a minimum of two sources for third-party wares on this thing. Long-term, this kind of needless fragmentation seems like one of the greatest threats to Android's ability to become and remain a heavyweight player in the smartphone ring -- but then again, what do we know? It's not like these guys haven't already figured out how to dominate before with UIQ... ah, wait. Anyhoo, yeah, back to the topic at hand: devs are now invited to submit their Android apps for inclusion in the PlayNow store, so hey, you may as well -- the phone's looking to be a hottie, so it can't hurt to have your stuff featured on there, we figure.

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Android and Me

Logic Wireless 150LGW projector phone reminds us of that Bolt we once saw...

Remember the Bolt from CES 2009? Man, that was ages ago. If you'll recall, projector phones were actually all the rage for around 4.67 minutes at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and ever since we've been dealt months of nothing alongside one lone ranger of something in the LG eXpo. Evidently Logic Wireless is hoping that we'll forget all about the Bolt that never shipped and instead focus on the next best thing: the 150LGW. Available for order now at Skymall (of all places), the projector phone looks significantly slimmer and more stylish than the company's first crack, and aside from the inbuilt PJ, there's also twin SIM card slots, dual cameras, an Office file viewer, quad-band GSM radio, Bluetooth and Symbian running the show. We aren't too sure we'd be willing to shell out $499 without any proof that this thing is worth its salt, but you can bet we'll be on the hunt for it once CES 2010 opens up next week.


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