Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HD channel expansion roundup...

Once upon a time, a smattering of new HD channels in one major metropolitan area was a huge deal. Nowadays, it's almost expected that one area or another will experience some HD expansion each week. In order to keep things nice and tidy around here, we deliver high-def expansions, market expansions and anything else dealing with HD channel growth right here. If we missed an area that you're familiar with, drop us a line in comments so everyone can catch up. The more the merrier, we say!
  • Read - News10 Just Got Clearer! (Sacramento)
  • Read - Comcast Digital Upgrade 75% Complete In Freedom Region
  • Read - Bright House Indiana Continues HD Rollout
  • Read - Is HDTV helping WRGB? 9New York)
  • Read - CBS affiliate KZTV transmitting in high definition
  • Read - Time Warner Cable adds 28 high-definition channels (El Paso)
  • Read - Time Warner adds more HD (Palm Springs)
  • Read - New HD channels coming to Yuma area
  • Read - Verizon FiOS TV Adds HDNet and HDNet Movies to Its Industry-Leading Video on Demand Service
  • Read - More Than 500 Thousand Living Units in Georgia Can Now Benefit From Video Choice With AT&T U-verse TV
  • Read - Bryan-College Station to Get More HD Channels, Faster Internet Service (Texas)
  • Read - AT&T U-verse TV Lineup Expands to Include Five New HD Channels
  • Read - NASA Television Moving to Satellite AMC 3; Make Sure You Make the Move Too
  • Read - NFL Network Scores Distribution Field Goal (Massillon, Knology, Grande)
  • Read - Consolidated doubles its HD lineup with 26 new channels (Texas)

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