Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Panasonic opens the doors on its biggest plasma plant yet...

Despite worries / FUD from some corners that plasma HDTVs may be going away, Panasonic's latest giant investment in the technology should keep its high quality televisions coming our way for quite some time. Just a few days ago it opened its biggest plant ever in Amagasaki, which should eventually contribute to a total production capacity of over one million screens per month. Check out the pics and a video on AV Watch of robotic arms pulling 150-inch glass panels into place -- those of us hosting events on a smaller scale than the Winter Olympics are more likely to see these cut into 42-, 46- or 50-inch varieties -- before they become the 3D or even 4K televisions of the future. Still a die hard LCD fan? At least be warmed by the news of increased efficiency and reduced emissions, lower prices and cleaner air are something we can all appreciate.


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