Monday, January 25, 2010

Acer to launch e-Reader, Application store, and Chrome OS netbook this year...

If you thought Acer might stand stoically still in the face of all this ebook reader madness, think again. Promising to fully detail a 6-inch monochrome e-reader by June, the company says it'll target European markets first. More intriguingly, we're also informed of a forthcoming application store that will be compatible with Android, Windows Mobile, and in due course, Chrome OS. Applications will free or close to it. A Chrome OS netbook is also being promised for the third quarter, which is somewhat ahead of Google's own schedule for reaching v1.0, but then there's also the suggestion it would be a dual-boot setup with a version of Windows onboard as well. Finally, an Acer tablet is in the works, accompanied by the candid admission that the Taiwanese giant is waiting to see what Apple has in store before finalizing its own plans.

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