Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Skype HD webcams from In Store Solutions detailed...

Remember those 720p-capable webcams we mentioned yesterday, specifically positioned to work with Skype HD? We've got the details courtesy of In Store Solutions, which is launching a trio of models, two of which are HD and feature integrated video compression chips, so less than cutting-edge machines should be able to get their high-def on (though a 1.8GHz, dual-core processor is still recommended). They are the Freetalk Talk-7170 HD Pro and the Talk-7181 HD Pro Plus, both offering 720p sensors and H.264 video compression, the latter also packing quad cardioid microphones with a four meter range. The former gets by with just stereo. An 800Kbps connection (both upload and download) is needed for HD streaming, so if you're stuck on low-tier DSL you may be more interested in the Freetalk HQ Talk-7140. No specific details were given for this one, but most "high quality" Skype cameras are 2 megapixels, and at a price of just $40 this looks to be the cheapest. No MSRP mentioned for the two HD models, but you can read all about them after the break.

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