Friday, January 15, 2010

The Flare Dress...

Technology infiltrates every area of life including an individual’s wardrobe. The Flare is an electronic dress with gorgeous dandelions embroidered on the fabric. However, what makes the dress unique is its ability to light up. Each dandelion is created using an assortment of LED lights. he dress was developed and designed by Stijn Ossevoort. Ossevoort is a Dutch designer that wanted to give women something beautiful, feminine, and high tech to wear. This Flare dress is wind-sensitive. This means that in order for the dandelions to light up, the dress has to blow in the wind. As the wind blows the dress, a pattern of lights will begin to twinkle. Although there is no current price on the dress it may be an interesting purchase for women who want something completely unique and technology advanced to wear. It’s definitely a dress that will be worn by a woman that wants lots of attention.

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