Friday, January 29, 2010

Haute Tech LED-coat...

Dutch designer Wendy Legro uses light as style element in a coat design which radiates simplicity and minimalistic sophistication. Her LED coat design features folds that open and close during movements. Inside the folds are LEDs which light up, illuminating the folds and the surrounding area. One of the most beautiful textile light designs we have come across. No flashiness and geeky but showing the technology savviness of the wearer. Adding light elements to clothing is a delicate balance between cheap looking, loud shouting light flashes and the soft sophistication fashion design demands. Light effects do not automatically become subtle, colorful plays on the garment by covering LEDs with textile. The light integration has to flow seamlessly with the garments design, the light element has to be part of the design much like the selection of fabrics, texture and colors, the cut and other trimming elements. Designer like Lynne Bruning, Alison Lewis, Marina Polakoff and Wendy Legro understand very well how to merge light with fashion design to create mystically beautiful dresses.

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