Sunday, January 10, 2010

Honda CB 750 - Electronically Controlled Bike of the Future...

This motorcycle concept was developed by Igor Chak. Besides having an impressive futuristic design, which makes the construction of the bike aerodynamic, 2015 Honda CB 750 has a number of advanced features it can boast with.

The frame and body are united in one single piece that is made of carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. The motorcycle has an onboard computer, which the driver can control with the help of a 5-inch OLED multi-touch screen located over the fuel tank.

The screen has three menus: GPS, Drive modes and diagnostics mode. The GPS mode is in fact a standard GPS that provides you the necessary directions etc. It will be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and 3G. The drive mode has three sections: economy, race and standard, each controlled electronically. The diagnostics mode shows lap times, gas consumption, top speed etc.

In addition, Honda CB 750 includes radar technology that allows the motorcycle to identify a potential head-on collision and automatically slow the bike.

It is worth mentioning that the eco-friendly motorcycle is powered with a 4-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine. There's a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission that includes an electronic lurch and traction control.

You can control almost everything electronically, including the front and rear suspension. A lot of features the driver can disable manually.

The bike has sensors that update the information every 1/10th of a second and able to regulate everything on the fly.

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