Friday, January 15, 2010

LED Shower Head by Visentin...

The LED showerhead was created by a company named Visentin. The company’s philosophy is to interpret the bathroom from a different point of view. Visentin creates products for the modern consumer who wants to express himself or herself through interior decoration. One of the company’s creations is the Visentin LED showerhead, which is incredibly stunning. The showerhead was created to soak a person in two things – light and water. The LED light is a rainbow of colors and is considered therapeutic. Some of the hues that flow from the light include refreshing green, relaxing blue, renewing white, and rejuvenating orange. The shower is supposed to transform a person’s bathroom into a home-spa experience. The LED light showerhead is 17 inches in diameter and is mounted to the ceiling for a very clean and sleek look. The Visentin showerhead is ideal for someone who wants to have a contemporary bathroom with a unique feature that you won’t be able to find in most homes. Visentin specializes in health and well-being and attempts to create products that will cause the individual to gain pleasure from the surroundings. The LED showerhead is a good example of what Visentin has to offer.


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