Friday, January 15, 2010

The Mood Chair...

For many years the mood ring has been a popular accessory. People enjoyed the ring because of the novelty of jokingly detecting a person’s mood and temper. The mood ring worked by changing a different color based on someone’s “mood” and the Mood Chair is designed to work in the same way. Two UK designers created the mood chair. The designers, Aether & Hemera wanted to create a chair that would respond to the environment and its users. The mood chair is very interactive and changes colors based on the sensors that it perceives. The chair was created using LED lights, fiber optics, and UV lamps. The mood chair works by exploring the power of light to trigger an identity or set a mood. The mood chair is very contemporary and modern. It resembles a piece of furniture that’s looks as if it may have come from IKEA. It doesn’t look comfortable, and was not built to provide a person a plush place to sit. It is made of hard materials and is mainly for display or novelty. The mood chair is not expected to make it into residential homes; however, it could work in a commercial setting.

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