Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alienware Speaker System - Clear Sound and Freaky Awesome Design...

With the development of technology and music, designers had to come up with various new ideas to satisfy their customers. Sometimes ideas were groundbreaking and sometimes these were shocking. Alienware speaker system is a combination of a freaky and at the same time interesting futuristic design. The design of the system is credited to British designer Kevin Boulton. He enriched the Alienware with sharp curves not just for fun but with the goal of improving the sound quality. Each speaker of the system has one tweeter on the top, 2 middle sound speakers and 1 low frequency speaker at the bottom. The combination of these speakers provides an incredibly clear sound. Although the speakers look the same, they are built in a way so that that the tweeters on the top are tighter, which produces low amounts of vibration, and the lower speakers are looser, which produces a more flexible bass and tremble. The speaker system is compatible with computer or home entertainment systems. The system is designed to smartly shoot the sound in virtually all directions and with visible wires at the back the system appears really incredible. In addition, the transparent construction makes it possible for users to see the technology within the system and it's also an additional advantage for the design.

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