Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nokia CLIPit Concept Mobile Phone - the Future is So Close...

This amazing Nokia CLIPit Concept Mobile Phone is made of brushed steel mixed with Persian turquoise stones. It boast a wide range of interesting features, including finger print as your SIM and a 12-inch Touch pad-Dot matrix screen. All data on the phone is web based, which means you can access your information not just from Nokia CLIPit but from any other cell phone, or your home phone, or your car kit etc. The phone opens access to your data after analyzing your finger print. On the device's top you will find a steel touch screen composed from a group of tiny LEDs. You can easily use dynamic buttons to dial, send and receive messages and surf through audio files. There is no need to use Bluetooth or other device when you don't hold the phone in your hand. If someone calls you, simply put down the clip and the device becomes hands free. If you want to connect CLIPit to other gadgets, just Clip it to them. PHILIPS has come up with a new technology called "Lumalive". The company created a sort of cloth that features internal OLEDs and is a rather color fabric screen. The device has two fabric screens, one is a 3-inch color screen, and the other is a 12-inch screen that is a mix of "Lumalive" and a new type of fabric called "Smart fabrics", which are, in fact, touching sensitive cloths that can be cut and sewed. If combined with "Lumalive", this fabric turns into a multi-touch color screen. By clipping your CLIPit to the fabric you get a folding pocket 12-inch laptop.

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