Sunday, January 24, 2010

Patent Watch: IBM Figures Out How To Limit Device Access By Geolocation...

Could IBM be prepping more of its own location-aware technology and devices? According to a recent patent filing, it looks like it. On Thursday, Big Blue filed for a patent for a “method and system for location-aware authorization.” The inventors appear to be IBM engineers based in Rome, Italy. According to the filing, the technology would provide a method and technology to control access to a device based on the location of that device. IBM gave the example of a company that only wanted employees to use a particular device in the office or their home and believe that their technology would allow the employer to control where the particular device can be accessed. Talk about GPS-lock-down. In an age of mobile workers and telecommuters, such a product might be more of a hindrance than a help for most organizations. But I could see putting something like that on servers or machines with super-sensitive data that are not supposed to leave the premises.

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