Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Philips LivingColors Lamp...

The LivingColors lamp was created to change the mood of a room by emitting a variety of colors so that individuals can paint their walls and ceilings with a hue that reflects their personality and mood. By using innovative LED lights, individuals can create their own ambience through the use of color and light. Each lamp contains 4 light emitting diodes. Two are red, one is blue and the other is green. The red, blue, and green lights can produce 16 million different colours. The colours can produce everything from soothing pale pastels to intense and bright hues. The lamp is modern, neat, and comes with a remote control for easy adjustment. With the remote control, users can easily dim or change the colour effects from anywhere in the room. The lamp requires 3AAA batteries and also comes with a cable and adaptor. The lamp is energy efficient and doesn't emit much heat. This means that it can be kept on for hours without burning. The lamp itself is very attractive. It has a distinctive appearance and is tough and transparent with an oval shape and flat bottom. It is around 20 cm high. It can be placed in any room to stimulate a variety of ambiences. To produce the best effects, the lamp should be placed about 1 meter away from the wall.

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