Friday, January 29, 2010

Samsung Electronics’ 3D Active Glass – Offering Full-HD 3D Effect With Amazing Clarity...

The leader of 3D LCD – LED TVs mass manufacturing in 2010 would be Samsung Electronics! According to news release by AVING, this is the first company that has begun mass production on the ‘3D Active Glasses’ of full-HD LED and LCD panels for 40, 46 and 55-inch TVs this month. These panels are using Samsung’s exclusive true 240Hz technology that is capable of delivering full-HD viewing in 2D, and also smooth natural full-HD 3D images capable to vividly capture rapid movements. By incorporating true 240Hz technology, operating at 240 frames per second, Samsung’s panels deliver a more lifelike picture with alternating left and right eye images through the use of 3D Active Glasses technology.
  • Samsung’s 3D Active Glasses technology will first blocks the left and then right lens, causing a momentary lag when images are shown to each eye to achieve more lifelike 3D images. The term, ‘3D Active Glasses,’ was selected as an official term by the Glasses.
The response time is therefore shorten to less than four milliseconds on its LCD and LED panels, eliminating any possible interference between left and right eye images. In this way, Samsung able to deliver natural 3D images and also 2D pictures with exceptional clarity.
  • The polarized glass method previously used in 3D glasses produced separate images for the left and right eyes, resulting in half the resolution of two-dimensional pictures as only half of the screen can be viewed through each polarized filter. Brightness was also lowered because of the polarized filter.
  • According to a market research firm, DisplaySearch, the 3D display market is expected to grow from $902 million in 2008 to $22 billion in 2018. Specifically, the 3D TV market is expected to expand to a $17-billion market, with sales increasing from 200,000 units in 2009 to 64 million units 2018.

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