Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spracht Aura EQ Bluetooth headset boasts dual mics, equalizer and capacitive volume control...

Spracht. It's probably not a company name you're intimately familiar with, but as with Jawbone, we're fully expecting it to become a mainstay in the Bluetooth earpiece sector after this unveiling. The Aura EQ earset is one of the wildest BT devices we've seen to date, boasting a slick, almost futuristic design and a smattering of features that are startlingly unique. For starters, it ships with twin switchable, focusable microphones, and if its ability to pair with up to eight phones doesn't bowl you over, maybe the built-in six-band equalizer will. Essentially, this headset will amplify and equalize the voice of whoever is speaking, which compensates for volume loss in certain ranges when communicating on a windy day or over a lackluster connection. Finally, exterior touts a capacitive volume control: simply slide your finger up or down the base, and the volume increases or decreases. No knobs or minuscule rocker switches to fuddle with. You'll be able to check this out worldwide in March for around $79 (estimated street price).

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