Monday, January 25, 2010

ViVu unveils VuRoom...

ViVu is making a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with when it involves innovative and easy-to-use solutions for live video participation, having recently unveiled VuRoom. VuRoom is a ViVu-powered plug-in for Skype, where it is built on the Skype platform in order to provide customers with instant multi-user video conferencing. This new breakthrough was previously unheard of on Skype, and with the incorporation of VuRoom’s presentation and desktop sharing functionalities, remote business users are better able to collaborate in real-time, saving them tons of money in the process without having to take long haul flights for face-to-face meetings while adding to the global carbon footprint in the process. To get VuRoom’s multi-user video conferencing capability up and running, all the meeting host needs to do is download and install the plug-in with but a few simple clicks. Following that, you can just select the contacts you want to hold a conference with from your Skype contact list, right click to view available options while selecting “Call a Group.” This is culminated by clicking “Yes” to the call confirmation popup, and the entire group is good to go – just make sure that everyone else is running on a decent broadband connection, otherwise they might suffer from dropped calls or poor audio and video quality. Even better is the fact that call participants (apart of the host, of course) are not required to have the ViVu plug-in installed in order to participate in the video conference. All participants need to do is click on the provided URL in their text chat window, and they can instantly engage in communications. Apart from that, the presenter is able to pass Rights to share their presentations and desktop to other participants. Well, if you’re constantly holding video calls within members of your fraternity or company, why not consider VuRoom and its possibilities? After all, at just $9.95 monthly, VuRoom sure beats forking out thousands for unnecessary business class tickets.

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