Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Voice-Heli: Voice-controlled helicopter from Nikko...

The Nikko remote controlled helicopter can be controlled with the traditional dual stick remote, but its voice command feature knows how to respond to certain vocal commands such as “start engine”, “higher”, “lower”, “hold” and “stop”. By the way, it also comes with a sensor that knows where the ceiling is, and won’t go any higher. This is quite a relief, because we're sure that many a toy helicopter has bit the dust due to hitting a glass (or some other type of) ceiling. Now we can know why the Voice-Heli was nominated for Toy of the Year 2009 in the Netherlands. Considering that it almost won that award last year, we're surprised that it is yet to be available this year. You can see a demonstration (sort of) on the Nikko site. The company doesn’t seem to have any sort of price or release date for this guy, which is a real shame. It certainly is a toy that we want flying around in our household.

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