Monday, February 8, 2010

Desktop Teeth Whitener Lamp...

The cost of going to the dentist to get teeth whitened can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are a slew of dental devices and products that can be used to whiten teeth in the comfort of a person’s home. These devices make it more convenient and affordable for a person to whiten their teeth anywhere. The desktop teeth whitening bleaching lamp is a device that whitens teeth easily. The whitener works by converting electric energy into a strong blue light. The blue light works with whitening gel and causes the teeth to oxidize and become whiter. The teeth whitening lamp works very quickly and the process takes only 30 minutes. Individuals can expect their teeth to be whitened at least 5 to 15 shades whiter which is very significant. The neat thing about the lamp is that it not only whitens teeth externally, but also can change the color internally as well. The lamp system is very quiet, durable, and has a goose neck so it’s flexible and ergonomic. It can easily be placed on a bathroom counter or on a desktop. The system comes with a power cord, two glasses, a user manual, remote control, and 20 mouth sheaths. It’s very easy to operate the system. Individuals simply need to apply the gel to their teeth and then turn on the light. The process is painless and it is a lot less scary than going to the dentist. There are some people for whom the device would come in handy. For example, the lamp would be perfect for coffee drinkers, smokers, and anyone who is prone to developing stains on their teeth. One benefit to having whiter teeth is that it provides people with a more youthful appearance without having to undergo cosmetic surgery. Teeth whitening lights up the face, gives a person a more beautiful smile, and makes a person look younger. Individuals can expect to pay over $400 for the lamp.

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