Saturday, February 27, 2010

Device that Allows Tasting a Dish Before Cooking It...

Designer Calvin Chen is the author of the Teaser, which represents a pioneering concept that was designed with the goal of cutting the level of food waste by making it possible for a person to taste a recipe prior to cooking it. The gadget includes a touchscreen display and a printing system that emits edible flavor strip. The user can taste the dish by making use of ink-jet printing technology that has 18 flavored cartridges and dissolving strips, which, when mixed, create the taste of the dish that is to be cooked. You can surf through a variety of recipes by using the touchscreen LCD. After selecting the desired recipe, the user should choose the command to print a sample with the flavor of the respective recipe. The Teaser allows adding or removing certain ingredients in case the taste does not meet the user's expectations. However, if the flavor is the right one, then you should just follow the guidelines displayed on the screen to prepare the desired food.

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