Saturday, February 6, 2010

Electronic Key Impressioner makes key copies from the lock itself...

One of the problems with having a car is when you lose the key and you can’t find the spare. If only you could find a friend who has the Electronic Key Impressioner. All you need to do is stick that key-shaped end into a lock, and it can scan a lock from the inside and record what it sees. From there, it is as easy as taking it back to the computer and plugging it into the computer via USB port. This gives a code that can be used in a key making machine. Right now, the machine works with only the Ford models. Just so you know, there are only a few models of keys, and these models are unique to the maker of the car. The inventor of the Electronic Key Impressioner, Steve Randall, wants to make the device work on more models. Now, we're sure you can see the downside for this device. Yes, a lot of car thieves probably want this so they could make their “jobs” easier. However, this device would only be given to the professionals and people licensed for it. In fact, the device would be web connected to a central site that would let the powers-that-be see who is copying what key. In fact, if you are an unauthorized user of the Electric Key Impressioner, then you will be on lockdown! We’ll see if this device gets made. If so, then it could be make the locksmith business easier.

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