Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gadgets of the Future: Black Hole Cell Phone Designed for 2020...

Technology is developing at an enormous speed and you never know what's next to come, say, for example, in 2020. But there are people who can visualize what the future would look like and what devices we might get soon. One of those who like to contemplate about the future of technology is French designer Josselin Zaigouche who decided to design this incredible gadget, dubbed Apple Black Hole (and it's not because it will such Apple down if it hits the market). The name was probably inspired by the numerous applications one can find in Apple's device (such as iPhone and iPad). The futuristic device uses holographic technology to help the user navigate through a myriad of programs. The device comes with a charging base, Prism and the Black Hole. Here's a short tutorial on the gadget: after opening your hand, the ball in the middle of the device starts levitating, allowing you to control different applications in mid-air. If you attach the gadget to the recharging base it automatically turns into a desktop device, which is really cool. Let's hope such technology will be available in the near future and hopefully it will be eco-friendly as well.

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