Saturday, February 27, 2010

Game of Life controlled by EKG Hoodie...

Conway’s Game of Life has been explored before in wearable electronic by Leah Buechley or Elizabeth Fuller, showing random light pattern on dresses or jackets based on the rules of the Game of Life. The starting point of the artificial life form comes in these examples from a random number generated by a micro chip. The ‘Game of Life controlled by EKG Hoodie‘ from Joe Saavedra is taking Conway’s Game of Life one step further by using the heart beat to set the life cycles in sync with a real life form, the wearer, bridging the gap between physical and artificial life to create unique light animation on clothing. What a fascinating concept design. Insightful, playful but with a deeper meaning, delighting by painting dynamic animation on clothing, reflecting the fluidity of life. Joe used a custom circuit which includes an infrared EKG monitor that resets the game each time a heartbeat is detected. Conductive thread form the connection grid for the 4×4 LED matrix and to the circuit board which is kept in a pocket towards the bottom of the hoodie. The heartbeat detection is done via a infrared LED (emitter) and detector pair which can ’see’ through your finger: each time blood is pulsed through represents a heart beat. It all sounds simple but we strongly advise to click over to Joe’s project blog to get the details and tips you will need to build your own ‘Game of Life controlled EKG Hoodie’. Or maybe to get inspired by Joe’s work and come up with other ideas of changing the appearance of your clothing in sync with your body. What a great, thoughtful and inspirational concept – We give a High Five for the ‘Game of Life controlled by EKG Hoodie’.

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