Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Google assembling phone support team...

It looks like Google is really taking people's suggestions seriously. According to an official Google job posting, the Mountain View based company is looking to hire a Phone Support Program Manager for Android/Nexus One support. Ever since the release of Google's, first, self-branded phone, user's have been complaining of the complications associated with dealing with Google's email-only customer support. In the past, Google's email support and online forums have been, for the most part, sufficient in dealing with general problems with Google products. However, Google has never dealt with hardware. The growing pains of Google's foray into the world of phones has left them with no choice but to assemble a phone support team to deal with their new, online, phone store and any problems that come with it. Google seems to be taking a step in the right direction. The company is aiming to change the way people purchase phones, and if the job posting below is any indication of Google's committment, then it looks like they're dead serious about it. Google Jobs - Phone Support Program Manager

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