Saturday, February 27, 2010

GPS gloves double as action recorder...

High tech gloves have been around for some time now, starting with sophisticated heating systems, making phone calls via Bluetooth link to a cell phone or controlling an iPod. Zanier, an Austrian based company has announced the most innovative and technically sophisticated glove on the planet, the X-Plore.XGX with integrated GPS and mini display on the thumb. While we do not think the GPS will be very helpful of avoiding to get lost on the ski slopes I do like the additional functions GPS technology offers: the measurement of altitude, speed, distance, duration and other route data. All these data can be check on the small display but they are also stored and can be downloaded to a computer via USB. This recording of the action makes it for me an perfect synergy of technology with clothing. No additional piece of gear is needed to fill up the pockets, just put on your gloves and you get a complete action recorder. And having already GPS on the finger tips – yes you can rest assured to never get lost anymore during your ski vacation. Hardcore action winter sport enthusiast have now their own flight recorder in the gloves, recording those incredible races down the hills and can show them off on their social websites as proof of their high adrenalin vacation in the Alps. Zanier plans to introduce the GPS gloves for the 2010-11 winter season. No price point is set yet but you have now 12 month time to save up for these top of the line gloves.

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