Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband gets reviewed, given 3.5 Jack Bauers...

Looking to get a Bluetooth earpiece without actually upping your tool factor by 40x or so? Good luck. Helium Digital's so-called alternative (that'd be the HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband) was recently reviewed by our iPhone-lovin' pals, and while they found it to work well when it came to handling calls without actually using the speaker and microphone within the iPhone 3GS, everything else about it was ho hum at best. There's no inbuilt LCD for watching Caller ID streams, the mini-USB jack was "flimsy," and there's still the issue of this unit being at least somewhat unsightly. It's also $90, which puts it just north of the all-important "ah, who cares" range for most of you price-conscience consumers.

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