Friday, February 5, 2010

Interactive clothing gives goose bumps...

No other product we own comes closer to our body, our skin sensory feelings than clothing and no other personal communication is more intimidate than a soft touch that triggers goose bumps or sends a tickle along the spine. Combining both, Lina Saleem, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IZM, designed the Hap.tickle GREETING dress which is able to give this intimate tickle feeling send by a friend or loved one via SMS from far way. The Hap.tickle GREETING will send a trickle through your body with the help of small, vibrating motors integrated into the back and sides of the garment. People love pocking or hugging via social networking sites like Facebook, why not going a small step further and bring over the pokes and hugs to the real world. The Hug Shirt from Cute Circuit or the Hap.tickle Greeting dress are examples showing how future clothing can connect our physical presents with our virtual identity. Sure, interactive clothing can never be a replacement for a real touch but two loving and caring people separated by distance, haptic clothing can serve as a temporary substitute.

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