Saturday, February 27, 2010

NapCap – Haute Tech sleep shawl...

Designer Simone Wittmann created the NapCap, a hoodie shawl loaded with technology to create a private, cozy atmosphere while in crowded and noise public places to take a well deserved nap on a train ride or while waiting for a connection flight. The NapCap concept envisions a long feature list starting with integrated Bluetooth headphones which, together with the traveler’s cell phone, play music, send the wake-up alarm and a warning signal in case the traveler’s luggage is moved. To ensure a carefree sleep, the hood NapCap comes together with the luggage lock NapSecure. It does not only lock your luggage, but is connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. If the luggage is moved away from its owner more than one meter, an alarm will be go off and heard via the headphones. People in public spaces, especially in airports, trying to shield themselves off from the noisy environment with blankets or jackets over their heads to take a nap while waiting for the next connection. The NapCap from Simone is a more fashionable way to create a quite, private space in public places and offers a lot of technology to make us almost feel like home. Features like privacy, waking up on time and luggage guard are fears of mine that usually prevent me to take a nap at public places. This design concept provides inspirational room for travel gear brands to think a bit more out-of-the-bag when designing their products.

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