Friday, February 5, 2010

Nekura Scramble watch...

Do you like to stand out from the crowd with your fashion sense (or basically being an early adopter of anything and everything tech)? If so, why not consider some timepieces from the folks at TokyoFlash – after all, they have a delectable collection of watches that might require more than the two brain cells needed to tell the time, and the latest watch from TokyoFlash would be the Nekura Scramble. It comes with an always-on LCD display alongside a row of embedded LED lights below which changes colors. Large blocks on the left and right represent the hours as they light up in a clockwise manner, while the row down the middle tells the current minute (in five minute increments) with the quartet of tiny lines at the top middle representing single minutes. You will be able to opt from any of the half dozen colors it is capable of displaying, while the less decisive person can always cycle through all the colors instead. Pick up the Nekura Scramble at a discounted price of $76.58 for a limited time only.

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