Sunday, February 28, 2010

Polaroid Movie Camera - a Mix of Classic and Modern Tech...

The Movie Polaroid Camera was designed by Kim Hyun Joong, who though about a device that would display movies on a flexible screen with built-in touchscreen technology. The designer's concept represents a mix of analogue Polaroid film and digital touch technology. In addition, the gadget incorporates a movie printer that instantly "prints" the scene as soon as the user filmed it. It would be interesting to note that the Movie Polaroid Camera captures both movie and sound that are "printed" on a substrate which resembles the film paper traditionally used in Polaroid cameras. There's no need to recharge batteries every so often due to a special technology that allows the user to shake the device so it would power up the Polaroid Film for viewing. Because of its rather small size, the film screen can be carried in a pocket or wallet.

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