Saturday, February 27, 2010

Soular Power Back-Up Packs...

No, I have not made a typing mistake in the headline, Neon Green, a new brand joining the solar power bag market, named their soon to be launched range Soular Power Back-Up Packs. What can be seen so far from the 2010 catalog of Neon Green’s new range is very impressive besides the fact that these bags capture the sunlight on the go and convert it to electrical energy for our pocket devices. Among the innovative designed range is the Capsoul 3-in-1 Back-up-Pack (see images) which has the option to take off the solar panel part and use it as shoulder bag or a hand carrying case with solar charging function for a stroll around the city or have it attached to the backpack for the adventure trip power supply. Let’s hope Neon Green is coming out with these great looking, style flexible solar bags in time for the spring/summer sun season. We will watch out and notify you once the Soular Power Back-Up Packs hit the stores.

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