Monday, February 1, 2010

The touch sensitive S-Dress...

The S-Dress is another interesting wearable electronic concept design I found recently. Made by Suzan Ereslan for her final project at the Interactive Telecommunications Project at NYU in 2006. Suzan derived the S-Dress name from Estrus, the swelling and reddening of the female genitals to indicate mating readiness to the male of the species. The underlying design concept, to visually indicate the ‘being touched at’ zones at erogenous zones can be used for different body areas someone would like to be or not to be touched. The touch visualization is made via integrated LEDs at the lower part of the dress and can be read as ‘being ready’ as the original design intend by Suzan or could be used to set off an alarm, visually or audible when being touched in crowded places at not desired body areas. Modular touch switches are made from conductive fabrics and can be arranged according to the wearer’s erogenous zones or other places where touch indication is wanted. When someone touches the wearer in these specific places, the LEDs arranged around the bottom of the dress light up. The longer the touch, the longer the cycle of color-changing will last indicating the intensity or the touch. Although designed in a more erotic direction, this design concept is interesting as component for a personal alarm/protection wear. A interesting, inspirational and expandable concept for wearable electronic students and DIY enthusiasts.

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