Monday, March 15, 2010

Bargain backpack for techno girls...

Device controlling bags have been around for a long time offering to those who got their hands-on experience with such bags a convenient way to operate the basics on cellphones, iPods and other MP3 player. The growing number of interactive backpack styles give choices for function and taste. The function of device control on bags is becoming mainstream adding another feature choice next to zippers, headphone cable eyelets, special audio pockets or water bottle compartment on our bags. This is of course good news for consumer as the days of incredible high premium prices for a audio control function are gone. UK fashion brand TOG24, already known for making cool looking winter jackets with audio control has some very affordable, techie looking backpacks in their collection like the Martel Music Backpack selling for £29.95 ($44.60). Remember, using this type of backpack with remote control and headphone port on the shoulder strap not only makes it convenient to quickly change songs, volume or pick up a call, it also gives an additional layer of protection to your precious little devices which can be kept safely inside the bag while operated via the bag.

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