Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BuzzAware: Yup, Now There’s An App Directory For Google Buzz...

Google Buzz might have been pushed out too soon, but there are already at least a dozen apps for Google Buzz, most of them unofficial. That’s not a lot, but it’s enough to start BuzzAware, a Google Buzz app directory. BuzzAware is started by the same folks behind Twitdom, a Twitter app directory with more than 1,500 apps.

Some of the apps in BuzzAware include:
  • Browser add-ons for Firefox (Buzz It!) and Chrome (Chrome Buzz)
  • Google Buzz desktop app built on Adobe Air
  • Buzz buttons (Buzzr) and counters (BuzzStats) for your Website or blog
  • A bunch of WordPress plugins
  • A Buzz search engine (Buzzy)
  • Ways to send your Buzz stream to Twitter (BuzzCanTweet) and import your Twitter contacts to Buzz (Tw2Buzz)
If Buzz grows, so will this list of apps.

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