Thursday, March 4, 2010

Click And Grow: Aeroponics Gardening Via Your Computer...

It is always interesting to grow your own aeroponics plants, you won’t have to bother on digging the soil and bury the seeds, the remaining jobs for aeroponics plants is to get regular water and good air circulation for the seeds to turn it into a healthy plant. Firstly, you will need to place a plant cartridge containing some seeds into the pot, which should have some sort of basic fertilizer for the plant, and after that growers will have to fill the water tank and upload the proper growth program to the pot and the Click & Grow system will take care of the rest. However, adequate moisture level is important to maintain good growing condition for the aeroponics’ plants.
  • The basic model sports notification lights to indicate when the tank needs refilling, but the higher-end model can even collect water from the air, further lightening your burden
Basic model: Starting EUR17.00
Seed Cartridges: EUR2.5~EUR4.00

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