Monday, March 15, 2010

Corner’s Communication prevents collisions with strangers...

For some reason strange mishaps tend to happen around us. We stumble over invisible objects and usually if someone is casually tossing anything, it will definitely come in contact with my head when we're not looking. Which means we're also one of those people that collides with others as we round the corners of buildings. Thankfully, it actually appears that we'ew not the only one. Especially since someone designed a gadget that is made to alert people of someone else’s presence before they collide. It does this by lighting up and beeping on the other side of the corner as you’re going around it. Then if you hear the beep you can slow down or somehow attempt to avert running into a complete stranger. Unfortunately, it’s a concept design. Plus, it’s unlikely that cities will spend the amount of cash it would take to get these installed on every single corner.

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