Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ecocoon blocks out noise...

There are times that it feels like all you really need is just a little quiet. If only you had it for an hour or two your worries would start to melt away and maybe that headache would subside finally. Well someone decided to create a gadget that will help block out certain types of noise or all of it altogether. Sure, it’s probably expensive, but it might be cheaper than an all out vacation every time you’re ready to snap. The Ecocoon has a few different modes that it uses. There’s the traffic mode that will filter out the peak frequencies. Then there’s office mode that takes out the mid-range and the offline which just kills all noise. The mid-range takes care of things like people talking away at their respective desks. It’s basically a really expensive version of earplugs. Well, it probably would be were it not still in the concept stage of its life.

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