Wednesday, March 31, 2010

High Heels shine on the streets...

Wearing light in form of dresses, jackets or shoes has a magnetic effect on people, some love it, some hate it (maybe) but in any case, wearable light has the attention of everyone around. We have covered shoes with light elements using various technologies from no-brands to top-brands, it seems everyone is testing the segment to find out if shoe illumination is just for small kids shoe’s or is it a style element that fits into the high fashion market. London based fashion designer Jimmy Choo who made his name by creating gorgeous looking shoes for women including some of the most expensive high-end shoes in the market announced the launch of the Zap Sandal for the Spring/Summer 2010 season with ‘light up details’. Apparently the five-inch heels will light up at each step creating a firework when you hit the dance-floor with the Zap Sandals. This unique light feature does not come cheap, it’s in the top bracket of Jimmy Choo’s line with a suggested retail price of €1745.- which is around $2400.-
We can not imagine this price point is only because of the light element, there is a considerable amount included going towards the prestige component of this sandals.

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