Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holographic Laser Projection: LightSpeed Technology – Safety Driving...

With so many cool sport cars and high-speed four wheels vehicles out there, could you ever imagine how many road accidents happen every year in Great Britain? In 2007 alone, according to statistical report from 230,905 reported casualties of all severities, 2,538 people were killed, 26,034 were seriously injured and 202,333 were slightly injured. Despite there has been a significant progress over the last three years on the statistical records, many road users, especially four wheels vehicle drivers, do not equipped their vehicles with relevant equipment to help them drive safely. Light Blue Optics is a holographic company that has carried out surveys against the odds of road accidents and the correlation with drivers’ eyes movement. And according to the surveys’ data, the time it takes for a driver to glance down at the instrument cluster is typically 0.777 seconds. It may not sound like long, but when driving at 60 mph, this equates to a distance of 20.8 metres drived without the driver’s eyes being on the road ahead. And the innovative solution from Light Blue Optics is called the Light Speed, a holographic projection that will keep drivers’ head-up to monitor the displays on the road lines and approaching objects on the road. This holographic projection has been tested and it does enhance road safety by helping drivers keep their eyes and their attention where they belong – on the road. The LightSpeed technology will provide vital information on speed, road warnings and GPS information and it will be displayed at an apparent distance of 2.5 meters from the driver’s eyes, meaning, a glance at your car’s glasses will give you enough information of the distance between your car and the one in front. On the rear mirror you would be able to monitor how close the driver or object nearby to your vehicle. LightSpeed display appears to be floating off the end of the vehicle’s bonnet, reducing the need for drivers to shift their focus from the road ahead.

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