Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Illuminated work gloves...

Over the past year we have posted about gloves with some kind of light integrated but almost all of them have been in the design concept phase or creative DIY folks hacked their pair of gloves and upgraded them with lights on the fingertips. Other illuminated gloves types have been used as stage outfit, giving more shine to a performance. Now finally a company has brought illuminated gloves down to the real world in form of work gloves. Everyone who does occasionally repairs on cars, bikes or around the house knows that during dark times a third hand is required to hold a flash light. Either you have a third hand at your disposal and keep on instructing to hold the flash light please at the spot where you need to see or – you go and buy the ‘Multi-Purpose Mechanics Gloves with LED Lights‘ from Go Gloves for $14.95. A pleasantly low price for a pair of good quality work gloves with an LED for each which can be attached a four different positions on the glove. That gives enough options to have the light beam at the right spot. One 2016 button cell battery for each glove will give light for around 14 hours. I give an illuminated thumbs-up to this LED work gloves, practical and reasonable prices.

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