Monday, March 15, 2010

Intendix Brain Waves To Computer Interface...

Brain controlled machine or computer? Intendix Brain-Computer Interface will let your convert your thought into computer system. In order to convert user’s brain wave, user must firstly wear the EEG cap that is connected to the attached PC. It was developed to anticipate the patient with locked-in syndrome or other disabilities to communicate with other. After wearing the connected EEG cap, you will be able to write texts, or let the computer speak the written text, print out the text or simply want to make a copy of the text and convert it into an e-mail or send the text via email. With ease to operate interface, the manufacturer believe any users with basic computer skill would be able to run the device in 10-15 minutes.

No info on availability date, but estimated you could own one for $12,250/.

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