Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Intersection Signaletique gives you signs from above...

This concept project is one that we would love to see on any city street at night. The Intersection Signaletique uses special projectors from above to create messages on the streets, and its use is three-fold: advertisement, direction, and decoration. As advertisement, it could be quite effective. Just imagine walking home, and you are wicked thirsty. Then imagine the Coca-Cola logo under your feet. We don’t know about you, but we would probably stop by the nearest store and get a Coke for the way home. Granted, the streets would get pretty gaudy with multiple advertisements, but advertisers could boost the town’s economy by paying for “street space”. As for the directions, we would rather follow the signs from above than a map any day. Of course, these directions would be tough to see during the day. For cities that never sleep, like Las Vegas, this would be the next cool thing. We wonder if you could get it so the lights above could sync with your GPS or mobile phone, to give individual people the directions that they need. We guess the last usage, decoration, would be perfect for any holiday. Just picture boughs of holly being projected during Christmastime, turkeys at Thanksgiving, pumpkins on Halloween, and so on. Too bad this is only a concept for now. However, to implement this, you would have to affix these special lights to where the streetlights are, and the streetlights could outshine these Intersection Signaletique lights. Let’s work that out.

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