Friday, March 5, 2010

Lady Gaga’s shape changing Living Dress...

Lady Gaga is not only famous for her hit songs like ‘Poker Face‘ or ‘Paparazzi‘ she is equally famous for her love to fashion experiments so it was only a matter of time until the Lady showed one of the most sophisticated stage outfits, the ‘Living Dress‘, while performing at the Liverpool Echo Arena last week. The ‘Living Dress’ magically parts at the front, revealing Lady Gaga’s legs. The concept of shape altering clothing is around for some time, designer like Hussein Chalayan, Di Mainstone, Kerry Jia Yi Lin, Ying Gao or recently Diana Eng have explored different concepts with various technologies to animate clothing. Lady Gaga, like a growing number of artists, make use of technology enhanced clothing to add a new, visual dimension to their stage shows. From the wearable electronic community point of view this trend is very welcome as it helps to communicate, to visualize the possible potentials of technology infused clothing. We all know that whatever super stars are doing or wearing is hot and will one way or the other show up at fashion shops around the corner. But there will be a catch: unlike textile illumination, shape changing clothing requires complex mechanics and electronics putting the challenge to wearable electronic designer and engineers to work out solutions usable for the hard world of fashion reality.

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