Monday, March 15, 2010

The Less Lamp...

The Less Lamp is probably one of the only lamps in the world that needs to be broken to actually work. To get the lamp to work, individuals must smash it with a pick-hammer that comes included with the lamp. The pick allows light to shine through the lamp. A person can continue picking at the lamp with the hammer based on the amount of light they need. The lamp itself is solid and egg shaped and does not work until a person begins to shatter small holes into its surface (which is made of plaster). The Less Lamp is an innovative design concept that must be “broken” to release the light within. Users have control over the amount of light the lamp emits and also have control over the appearance of the lamp because they can poke the holes wherever they wish.

The Less Lamp retails for almost $900 and is made in Spain.

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