Monday, March 15, 2010

Lip Reading Technology – Speechless Communication Made Possible...

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has recently exposed their prototype lip-reading technology at CeBiT in Hanover. The lip-reading device is capable to recognize smallest electrical signals of facial muscles motion, especially when a person is taking a conversation, even without any syllables being spoken. The lip-reading system is called “silent communication” and uses nine electrodes on cables connected to the users face to measure the small electrical signals created by lip muscles. Naturally handicapped speakers could be benefited from this technology as it will amplifies the face muscles motion and translate them into signals and send them to a PC via Bluetooth. The PC will then decodes those signals and translate them into a synthesized voice. Professor Tanja Shultz told the BBC “I was taking the train and the person sitting next to me was constantly chatting and I thought ‘I need to change this“. This lip’s motion into synthesized voice technology is especially useful for noisy environment like the NASA’s Space Station or offshore drilling plant where communication could be done from lips motion into in-ear-headphones. The Lip-reading technology is still in prototype-phase, but believe, this is one of futuristic mobile communication mode in progress. Spying activities will be fascinating if 007 could do a speechless conversation with other secret agents!

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