Thursday, March 4, 2010

Microsoft's Project Pink confirmed, coming to Verizon...

Just last month, we saw the Microsoft's Project Pink "Turtle" phone pass through the FCC with CDMA bands. Today, this seems to make much more sense, as Project Pink launch details are beginning to hit the Interwebs. Gizmodo has confirmed that Microsoft's Project Pink is the real deal. So real, in fact, that it's been spotted in third-party marketing materials with a Verizon's logo plastered alongside Microsoft's. Details of the project and plan are included in the campaign, however details are not mentioned for obvious.

The following is what we now know from the above campaign shot:
  • The leaked shots of the phone we got back in September were legit
  • Only the Turtle is shown, leaving us unsure about the Pure
  • Verizon will be the official carrier, however, we know GSM versions of the phones also exist
  • These phones DO NOT run any form of Windows 7 Phone Series, it's a whole new animal
  • The phones will be heavy on social networking
  • The presence of apps are implied, though details aren't available
No information about pricing or launch date is available. All we know is that Project Pink is the real deal, and Verizon will be Microsoft's partner here in the US. Everything else will have to wait until we get closer towards an actual release.

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