Thursday, March 4, 2010

The missing link – Bluetooth bracelets...

Today we revisit those Bluetooth bracelets that offer the convenience of never missing a cellphone call by giving a gentle, vibrating buzz on the wrist informing us about an incoming call. Missing a phone call is sometimes not a big issue but at times it can have an impact on our love life, work life or whatever else is important and depends on that one important call. ThinkGeek has their BlueAlert bracelet on the market for a while and Korean based MOVON has one in their current product portfolio the MB80 which not only alerts via vibration but can be used as a handsfree device bridging the gab between you and the cellphone. According AVING USA, MOVON will introduce at the currently running CeBit in Germany the scaled down version called MB20 which will give a vibration on the wrist, indicating an incoming call. It does not look overly stylish, is supposed to come in three colors: black, white and brown and will be rechargeable via a USB port. A simple, no frill design which will become useful while being around noisy areas like busy shopping streets and the cellphone is resting deep inside pockets.

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