Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Next Generation: NVIDIA ION Processor...

NVIDIA have finally announced their next generation netbook processor, previously rumored to be called the NVIDIA ION 2, this next generation will keep the same name as its predecessor and simply be called the NVIDIA ION. The next generation NVIDIA ION processor is designed to be more powerful than the previous model, and it is designed to produce ten times faster graphics than is predecessor. The new NVIDIA ION comes with support for DX10 games and Full HD 1080p processors, and it comes with a separate graphics processor which is connected via PCI Express and it uses NVIDIA’s new Optimus technology. It looks like there will be two versions of the new ION processor, a 16-core version which will be used in 12 inch netbooks and notebooks and an 8-core version which will be in 10 inch netbooks. Manufacturers are currently working on producing new netbooks and nettop PCs with the new NVIDIA ION processor, and it looks like there will be around thirty different models available by the summer which feature the new processor.

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