Friday, March 5, 2010

Rugged Joos Orange Solar Charger that Functions Even Under Water...

A company from California has recently presented one of its latest inventions - a solar charger that can charge various gadgets via a USB port even in low-light conditions. According to Solar Components LLC, its Joos Orange, can generate 20 times more power compared to other solar gadgets. When fully charged, the device can charge 6 standard cell phones or 4 smartphones. The invention can even function under water, featuring polycarbonate case encapsulated in urethane which makes Joos Orange perfect for any outdoor conditions. The device can be charged using any USB power source. It also features 2-6 adapters and a mini USB connector. The LED status light on the Joos Orange informs the user about power production and remaining battery life. The gadget could hit the markets in June and be available for $ 99.95.

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